This week in news: August 21-27 rundown

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United States

"The Iraq War will have cost the US over $2.4 trillion by 2017, according to the Congressional Budget Office." (TIS)

Parts of the south, especially Louisiana, were still struggling to recover from massive flooding. Over 40,000 homes were damaged.

"Citing treaties with the US government, the Sioux have filed a federal lawsuit against the Army Corps of Engineers for failing to comply with environmental and historic preservation laws." (RT) A large debate still rages over the Dakota Access Pipeline.

The National Park Service celebrated its 100 year anniversary. Overcrowding has become a concern in some areas since popularity of the national parks has grown.


The Olympics came to a close early in the week, concluding the 16 day event.

Most medals won:

  1. United States (121)
  2. China (70)
  3. United Kingdom (67)
  4. Russia (56)
  5. Germany (42)
  6. France (42)
  7. Japan (41)
  8. Australia (29)
  9. Italy (28)
  10. Canada (22)

With the exception of South Korea, all other countries won fewer than 20 medals. The top 5 countries also won the most gold medals.


An earthquake killed over 150 people and injured at least 300. An unknown number of people were trapped under rubble.

"Mayor of Italian town of Amatrice says people are buried under debris and town 'no longer exists'" (TIS) "The quake struck central Italy, near Rieti, shortly after 3:30 a.m. and was followed by several aftershocks." (AP)


"Turkish army launches military operation inside Syria to take ISIS-controlled Jarablus" (TIS) Some people have asked 'why now'?

"Turkey has formally requested extradition of U.S.-based cleric Gulen - State Department" (Reuters)

"Turkey's prime minister said that the Russian Air Force could possibly operate out of a Turkish base where US and NATO forces are currently stationed." (BI)

After a car bomb went off in southeast Turkey, 9 people were killed and 64 were wounded. 8 police officers were reportedly killed.


"Bolivian official say striking miners have killed the country's deputy government minister." (AP)

"North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un called its recent submarine-launched ballistic missile test the 'greatest success'..." (BI)

"Colombia's government and the left-wing Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) say they have reached a deal to end a 52-year civil conflict. The agreement, which marks the end of Latin America's last major guerrilla struggle, must still be approved by voters in a nationwide plebiscite, or referendum." (BI)

"On Wednesday astronomers made the kind of announcement that can only occur once in human history: the discovery of the nearest potentially habitable world beyond our solar system. This world may be rocky like ours and whirls in a temperate orbit around the sun’s closest stellar neighbor, the red dwarf star Proxima Centauri just over four light-years away." (SA)

"JPMorgan estimates that Apple could be on the hook for as much as $19 billion (£14.3 billion) in taxes following an investigation by the European Commission..." (BI) This comes after CEO Tim Cook announced that Apple wouldn't be paying its taxes "until there’s a fair rate," as reported by The Intercept.

"More than 300 people have died in India and hundreds of thousands have been evacuated after monsoon rains flooded several states." (TWC)


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