38 Injured on September 17th From Attacks

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No casualties have been reported.

New York

Between 8:30 and 9 PM local time, an explosion went off in New York City. It was located in the east part of Manhattan's Chelsea district, on West 23rd Street. Witnesses described it as "incredibly loud" and "felt like an earthquake." NYPD bomb squad and counterterrorism units rushed to the scene. NYPD and FDNY sources reported early on that the explosion was because of an IED (Improvised Explosive Device).

Almost 30 people were injured. All of them were released from hospitals within 24 hours.

A second device was found four blocks away, also in Chelsea. It was removed safely and described as an IED built from a pressure cooker. "The description of the bombs bore striking similarities to the pressure cooker devices used by the terrorists who bombed the 2013 Boston Marathon." (FOX) Buildings near both bombs were inspected and deemed structurally sound.

To manufacture more headlines, mainstream media derided Trump for saying a bomb caused the explosion, despite Clinton making a similar statement. CNN and other outlets deliberately edited reports to exclude Clinton referring to the NYC events as a bombing. "We have been in touch with authorities in New York City," Clinton said on camera, although some reporters failed to notice this. Officials allegedly gave advance briefings to Obama, Trump, and Clinton.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said the explosion was an "intentional act" but not necessarily terrorism, as no motive has arisen. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, on the other hand, said "A bomb exploding in New York is obviously an act of terrorism." No suspects have been apprehended and no one has claimed responsibility. Tannerite residue was found at the scene of the explosion.

UPDATE: Five people have been taken into custody, according to ABC News, in connection with the bombing. The investigation continues. The alleged bomber's wife left the country a few days before he placed explosives in NJ and NY.

New Jersey

A pipe bomb exploded around 9:30 AM local time in Seaside Park, the location of a charity run. The bomb had been hidden in a trash can along the run's route. There were no injuries because a of lucky delay to the race's start. If it wasn't for the delay, the explosion could have caused massive damage. Other devices were later found that hadn't gone off. Sources said there were as many as 4 pipe bombs along the Seaside Park boardwalk. “We have some promising leads, but no suspects,” said New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

"The FBI has taken over as the lead agency in the investigation. But officials would not say whether they believe the incident was terror-related or if they suspected participants in the third annual Semper Five run were targeted." (ABC)


A man with a knife injured 9 people at St. Cloud Crossroads Mall, just after 8 PM. He reportedly asked people about Allah and their religious leanings. The rampage ended when an off-duty police officer shot him in apparent self-defense. An agent from the FBI said "we are currently investigating this as a potential act of terrorism." Although police did not release a name for the attacker, locals identified him as a student from a St. Cloud college. He was born in Somalia and came to the United States 15 years ago. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack, calling the assailant “a soldier of the Islamic State.” Some sources believe this is false, and the investigation is ongoing.

Mayor Dave Kleis said three people were in the hospital, one with life-threatening injuries.

Are the events connected?

Authorities are saying the bombs in New York and New Jersey were planted by the same person. There is no official public statement at this time. The NYPD did say they don't have a reason to believe there's a connection between the NYC explosion and an incident in Central Park two months ago

The Minnesota attack is likely unrelated to the bombings.

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