This week in news: January 29 - February 4 rundown

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  1. President Trump's temporary travel ban was blocked
  2. US raid in Yemen leaves at least 25 dead
  3. Protests at Berkeley over conservative speaker
  4. Delaware prison hostage situation
  5. Canadian shooting at a mosque
  6. UK votes to begin Brexit
  7. Protests in Romania
  8. Iranian missile test, and sanctions
  9. Clashes in the Congo
  10. New brain interface allows paralyzed people to communicate


"The U.S. State Department will allow people with valid visas into the United States, a department official said on Saturday, in order to comply with an opinion from a federal judge in Seattle barring President Donald Trump's executive action." (Reuters)

An American military raid in Yemen raised questions, since multiple viewpoints contradicted each other. The raid left over a dozen dead, including a US Navy SEAL; President Trump made an unannounced trip to honor his return. One source said the raid killed 24 people, including nine children.

"[A] violent protest at the University of California, Berkeley forced the cancellation of a speech by Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos. The fires, vandalism, and injuries resulting from the unrest at Berkeley have drawn national media attention and a tweet from President Donald Trump." (TF)

"The Boy Scouts of America announced Monday that it will allow transgender children who identify as boys to enroll in its boys only programs." (AP)

"A hostage situation that began inside a Delaware prison Wednesday morning lasted nearly 24 hours and ended... with the death of a Department of Correction employee." (ABC)


"A shooting at a Quebec City mosque has claimed multiple lives and sent other victims to the hospital...." (WSJ) "Canadian police have charged a French-Canadian student over the fatal shooting of six Muslim worshippers at a mosque in Quebec." (BBC)


"British parliament votes 498 to 114 to give Theresa May the power to begin Brexit negotiations." (TIS)

"[Romanian] Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu said in a televised statement that the government would meet on Sunday to repeal an emergency decree that could have seen some corrupt officials escape prosecution." (AFP) This statement came after "the biggest protests since dictator Nicolae Ceausescu was toppled and executed in 1989."

"The Louvre reopened its doors Saturday, a day after soldiers outside the Paris museum shot and wounded a machete-wielding attacker, suspected of being an Egyptian national. The incident on Friday thrust the issue of security back into the limelight three months ahead of elections in France, with authorities saying it was a 'terrorist' assault." (AFP)


"Donald Trump's administration has imposed sanctions on Iran following its recent ballistic missile test." (BBC) Iran defied the sanctions and held a military exercise.

"The Trump administration said on Thursday that Israel's building of new settlements or expansion of existing ones in occupied territories may not be helpful in achieving peace with Palestinians...." (Reuters)


"Police in southwestern Democratic Republic of Congo on Friday killed at least eight members of a separatist religious sect, local activists said, escalating tensions in a normally peaceful part of a conflict-ravaged country." (Reuters)

"South Sudan rebels accused Egypt on Saturday of carrying out bombing raids against their positions, drawing an immediate denial from Cairo, and warned of the risk of a regional war. It was the first time either side had alleged Egyptian involvement in South Sudan's festering conflict, which pits President Salva Kiir's military against forces loyal to his former vice president, Riek Machar." (Reuters)


"Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday said he had asked China to help in the fight against Islamic State-linked militants by sending ships to patrol southern waters .... A surge in piracy off parts of the Philippines is forcing ship-owners to divert vessels through other waters, pushing up costs and shipping times." (Reuters)

"More than 100 workers, including three Japanese, were injured and at least three were missing in a fire that hit a huge factory south of Manila and sent thousands of employees scampering to safety, an official said Thursday." (TIME)


"A noninvasive brain-computer interface has allowed a number of locked-in people to communicate with the outside world." (CNET)

"For the first time ever, scientists have captured the 'sonic boom' for light." (Seeker)



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