2017 was a complicated year for me. More tumultuous than 2016, but even so, still feels like things are mostly going in the right direction. I’m feeling good about the potential in 2018.

Some highlights:

  • Finished my teaching certificate (TEFL/TESOL). I never ended up using it, because a couple of months later, I got a new job doing graphic design for an advertising company. It’s been great so far, and it’s nice that my degree turned out to be useful.
  • Had jury duty for the first time.
  • Returned to Philadelphia for the first time since 2013.
  • Started taking classes for MMA and Hapkido.
  • Oldest cat passed away, likely from kidney failure. He was almost 18.
  • My 3.5 year relationship[ came to an end.
  • Ended up in a car accident and had to buy a new car. First time for both.
  • Offered a raise at work for 2018.
  • Still didn’t finish writing any novels. The current main project is only about 30% done.

Some of my favorite pictures from the past 12 months: