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Winners and losers on Super Tuesday

By delegate count:

Superdelegates are controversial and probably shouldn’t be counted. Those delegates are uncommitted – they don’t make an impact in elections yet. They can change their minds. With only committed delegates it’s a 594/405 split for Democrats.

The Republican side is a little different. There are fewer delegates and more candidates, so it could be harder to catch up. Sanders can beat Clinton in delegate count after winning a big state. Can Cruz beat Trump without a state like Florida? Trump is the current favorite there. And after Cruz’s New York values comments, Trump will easily beat him in New York.

If you want to see how the votes stack up in other ways, The Guardian has plenty of detail.

March 5th (Saturday) is the next big day for voters. June 14th is the last day of primary/caucus results.

People are now expecting a Trump versus Clinton head-to-head. National polls for the GOP show Trump with a commanding lead; with Cruz and Rubio fighting for second. National polls for Democrats give Clinton a noticeable lead that fluctuates in strength.