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Reflecting On 2016 (A Rare Personal Post)

I’m not much of a share-details-about-my-life person. My life is also kind of boring, in my opinion. But 2016 was relatively action-packed for me. Some highlights:

  • I spent about 5 weeks in Mexico (March and October). I saw Mexico City, San Miguel de Allende, and Mazatlán.
  • I went through a couple of courses. (Cybersecurity, financial analysis, TESOL/TEFL)
  • I traveled to San Antonio to see my sister graduate from Air Force Basic Training.
  • I went to three weddings in South Carolina (for two of my cousins).
  • I underwent surgery for the first time. Not really a fun experience, but new and significant. (Relatively minor issue. I spent less than 12 hours in a hospital.)
  • I recorded a whole bunch of music. Some of it was released; the rest needs some work. My writing and freelance projects have been a higher priority this year, so I haven’t created as much music as 2015.

I learned a lot in 2016. It was an interesting year, and I’m grateful I could experience everything.

Some of my favorite pictures from the past 12 months:

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Part 1 of 4:

Part 2 of 4:

Part 3 of 4:

Part 4 of 4: