Geoff LichyGeoff Lichy is a graphic designer, photographer, writer, and musician from New York’s Hudson Valley. In 2011 Geoff graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Graphic Design, and has performed freelance design work since 2009. He currently works for a marketing/advertising company in Rockland County. He’s also involved with the Penny4NASA campaign and Big Cat Rescue.

With classes in photography, experience as a high fashion model, and a DIY mindset, he learned how to use a camera. When he does freelance photography, it’s generally for album covers and animals, but isn’t limited by subject. You can see examples on lichydesign.com

As a musician Geoff has recorded and produced over 30 albums and EPs since 2006, contributing to over a dozen bands of various genres and playing multiple instruments. He started playing guitar and piano in 3rd grade, and was intermittently involved with chorus throughout grade school. Geoff picked up other instruments and techniques over the years. He’s a fan of improvisation and unorthodox techniques to achieve unique sounds. He’s composed soundtracks for short films and has created samples for voice acting and narration.

From a young age he was interested in books and always read above his grade level. He funneled this passion into writing stories and creating characters of his own. In recent years he’s been honing this skill with short stories and doing freelance article-writing. Geoff plans to finish several novels within the next couple of years.

With a wide array of interests and talents, he is a versatile force which can provide a variety of work for clients. Geoff’s design specialty is providing services for new businesses and individuals, plus visual updates for established businesses. He focuses on tight-knit branding and identity. This includes logo design, web design, business cards, graphics for social media, marketing consultations, and more.

If you’re starting something new, or want to revitalize your brand, this is who you contact. A jack of all trades with big ideas and the skills to bring them to life.

“I used to have this debate with Steve Jobs, and he would always say, ‘You guys are doing too much stuff.’ He did a good job of doing one or two things really well. […] We’d like to have a bigger impact on the world by doing more things.” — Larry Page


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