Presidential Campaign 2020: Democratic Candidates (Part 2)

I wrote my first post in April 2019. Now that we’re in December, about to enter 2020, let’s see where things stand. Currently, 15 people are vying for the position of Democratic Candidate.

The Candidates

Alphabetical order by last name, then their primary political experience:

Michael Bennet (Senator)
Joe Biden (White House)
Michael Bloomberg (Mayor)
Cory Booker (Senator)
Pete Buttigieg (Mayor)
Julián Castro (White House)
John Delaney (Representative)
Tulsi Gabbard (Representative)
Amy Klobuchar (Senator)
Deval Patrick (Governor)
Bernie Sanders (Senator)
Tom Steyer (No political experience)
Elizabeth Warren (Senator)
Marianne Williamson (No political experience)
Andrew Yang (No political experience)

Poll Data

RealClearPolitics poll average for 11/21-12/1, top 10:

  1. Biden 27%
  2. Sanders 16%
  3. Warren 14%
  4. Buttigieg 11.4%
  5. Bloomberg 4%
  6. Yang 2.8%
  7. Klobuchar 2.4%
  8. Booker 1.8%
  9. Steyer 1.6%
  10. Castro 1.4%

Everyone else is polling at 1% or less.
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This week in news: July 17-23 rundown

This week in news


  • Shooting in Louisiana
  • Republican National Convention, Trump officially nominated
  • Wikileaks releases of DNC emails, Turkish emails
  • Violence in Germany
  • Erdogan purging positions in Turkey
  • Airstrikes in Syria
  • Suicide bombing in Afghanistan
  • India breaks the record for planting trees in 1 day
  • San Diego Comic-Con

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This week in news: July 3-9 rundown

Recent news around the world


  • Terrorist attack in Saudi Arabia
  • Nigel Farage resigns from UKIP, Brexit stuff
  • NASA’s Juno probe reaches Jupiter
  • Two men shot by police, sparking nationwide protests
  • Police in Dallas killed by a sniper
  • FBI not recommending charges for Hillary Clinton over emails
  • Pokemon Go released

July 4th was also Independence Day for the United States of America.

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Winners and losers on Super Tuesday

NYC train station with flag

By delegate count:

Superdelegates are controversial and probably shouldn’t be counted. Those delegates are uncommitted – they don’t make an impact in elections yet. They can change their minds. With only committed delegates it’s a 594/405 split for Democrats.

The Republican side is a little different. There are fewer delegates and more candidates, so it could be harder to catch up. Sanders can beat Clinton in delegate count after winning a big state. Can Cruz beat Trump without a state like Florida? Trump is the current favorite there. And after Cruz’s New York values comments, Trump will easily beat him in New York.

If you want to see how the votes stack up in other ways, The Guardian has plenty of detail.

March 5th (Saturday) is the next big day for voters. June 14th is the last day of primary/caucus results.

People are now expecting a Trump versus Clinton head-to-head. National polls for the GOP show Trump with a commanding lead; with Cruz and Rubio fighting for second. National polls for Democrats give Clinton a noticeable lead that fluctuates in strength.