2016’s Final Super Tuesday

United States of America

The tl;dr

Sanders wins 2 states for 283 delegates (total of 1804). Clinton wins 4 states for 372 delegates (total of 2184).

Trump wins all 5 states for 297 delegates. He now has 1536 of the 1237 delegates needed to become the Republican nominee.

This post is current as of 8 June 2016.

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The US Political Race Is Almost Over

Motorcycle Race


Trump running unopposed. Clinton and Sanders still fighting for their nomination.

What happened?

This week, Ted Cruz dropped out of the race. (May 3rd) The very next day, John Kasich suspended his campaign in a last-minute decision. (May 4th) Both were disappointed by the results coming out of Indiana’s primary. Neither had any mathematical chance of securing enough delegates to become the Republican nominee.

This leaves Donald Trump as the last man standing on the Republican side. Originally given a 1% chance at securing the nomination, he somehow defeated 16 other Republicans and now has a 99% chance of being the nominee. After all, he’s running unopposed. Who’s going to beat him?

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are both a ways off from securing the Democrat nomination.

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