This week in news: February 26 – March 4 rundown


  1. Seven Maryland police officers arrested
  2. Trump gave a speech to Congress
  3. Sweden reintroduced a military draft
  4. EU may revoke visa-free travel for US citizens
  5. Battle for Mosul continued
  6. Jordan executed 15 people in one day
  7. Somalia and South Sudan plagued with famine
  8. Samsung chief to be indicted on bribery and embezzlement
  9. China made more steps to combat pollution
  10. SpaceX to fly two people around the moon in 2018

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This week in news: October 9-15 rundown

tl;dr – top stories for the week

  1. Hurricane Matthew’s effects still felt in Haiti and the United States
  2. Second Presidential Debate featuring Clinton and Trump
  3. Wikileaks releases thousands of emails from John Podesta
  4. US Navy and Houthi rebels trade missile fire in Yemen
  5. Bombings in Iraq and Turkey
  6. Ethiopia state of emergency
  7. Sudanese civil war
  8. Colombian protests
  9. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 still explodes, even replacements
  10. World’s longest-reigning monarch, Bhumibol Adulyadej, dies

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